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Medial Banana feat. Micah Shemaiah, Infinite & Spectacular - Rockin' It [Official Video 201

18 Jan 2021


Reggae anthem Rockin' It performed by Micah Shemaiah, Spectacular, Infinite and Medial Banana. Find the original version of the track on ROCKIN' IT album by Medial Banana and also check the Rockin' It Melodica Dub Version on brand new compilation album INNA JAMDOWN by Medial Banana released by Reggae Callin' Records.

Taken from album Rockin' it by Medial Banana
Download: https://medial-banana.bandcamp.com/
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/sk/al....bum/rockin-it/id1076
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Rockin-....Medial-Banana/dp/B01

Lyrics: Micah Shemaiah, Spectacular, Infinite, Pokyman, Erik Šulc
Music: Medial Banana
Label: Reggae Callin' Records
Recorded at: Loft Studio
Recording Engineer: Jaro Žigo Jr.
Mix & Master: Loft Studio, Jaro Žigo Jr.


01. Bay C - Talking Blues
02. Anthony B - King In My Castle
03. Davianah - One Step
04. Jah Mason - Ganja Medley
05. Spectacular - Big or Small
06. Derajah - Highest Grade
07. Dre & K.J. - Turf War
08. Day One - Time & Limit
09. Medial Banana ft. Micah Shemaiah, Spectacular & Infinite - Rockin' It (Melodica Dub Version)
10. Medial Banana - Sweet Sensimillia
11. Medial Banana - Doba Strieda Dobu

All tracks produced by Medial Banana

Recorded at Anchor Studio, Big Yard Studio, Born Fire Studio, F.O.B. Studios, Loft Studio, Mixing Lab Studio, River Nile Studio, Studio Batelier

®© Reggae Callin' Records 2016

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